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An effective way of helping those who do not want help
Hope for the chemically dependent and their families

When someone you love is suffering from drug addiction or 
alcoholism your whole world can feel out of control. 
Their predictably unpredictable behavior causes chaos in every 
area of their life and yours. Relationships, finances, work, school, 
physical and emotional health are all impacted. And while our loved one remains chemically dependent, our own emotions can range from great fear that they are in peril, rage at their sometimes inexplicable and hurtful actions, and despair that things might never get better. Often these feeling combined with confusion and exhaustion make it difficult to take meaningful action. 

Meanwhile Chemical Dependency is a progressive medical illness with a neurological basis - left untreated addiction only gets worse and over time results in increased loss of function, decline in physical health, accidents, and even death. But you need not watch, wait for your loved one to "hit bottom," or continue to feel powerless to help. Even those who do not want help can be helped, and things can and many times do get better. The first step to recovery often starts with an intervention.  

I have worked with hundreds of individuals suffering from 
chemical dependency and thousands of family members of 
chemically dependent persons for over ten years. I use my 
education, certified trainings, and extensive experience 
working at both addiction treatment centers as well as 
my own licensed family therapy practice to compassionately help 
families get their loved ones back. 

Together we initiate and sustain change while participating in a 
one of several effective intervention processes that is right 
for your situation. When working with your loved one, I will apply
the types of approaches, communication, and intervening actions 
that help the chemically dependent decide to enter treatment. 

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